Monday, April 20, 2015

Letting Go Move On : Day 14

"Life is full of twist. We never see it coming"

Exactly 2-weeks. And today your life is trying to challenge you. Meeting those people who had hurt you and made you as who you are today. You'll know for sure whether you are moved on or not. It probably takes more time but you cannot run from your fate, from your test which is today.

In your hectic mind, you think more than you ever could. You imagine what's going to happen, how are you going to react or act, why you have to meet them and etc. What you don't know, the key of your happiness is actually think less, feel more. You don't have to think all sort of things. It will comes. And when it comes you just have to be you. Go with the flow. Feel for the moment. Whether it's hurting or not, it is life, it's a challenge, a test that you should pass through no matter what.

As what life can offer you, you just have to face it whether it's what you ever wanted or not. If you can predict life, it will be less adventurous. And if you plan so hard to do what you want to do, it will lost it's magic. So take a moment. Pray hard. And let God help you. You know deep inside that you can do this. You know that you are much stronger than you are before. It just a matter of taking the test - taking a step ahead.

P/S : This probably the last entry for "Letting Go Move On". Whatever happens today onwards will be a life full of twist. Yes, I can't let myself hoping too hard after this. This is my biggest life lesson which I hope I can survive all way through.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Letting Go Move On : Day 13

"Your happiness is number 1"

Sometimes you feel that everything you do in this life is for someone's happiness. And when they are happy, you'll be happy too. Yes, maybe for a short period of time. But your priority is your own as supposed.  As you already make your own happiness depends on others which is totally wrong, what if you lost that someone? You'll lose your reason of happiness too. And you don't put a reason for your happiness. Your happiness is when you are happy. Not because you want to make them happy then you'll be happy. Do you get it?

You'll regret it so bad once they can't afford to sacrifice the same thing as you do. They won't know about your sacrification. All they know is that;

"Why you want to do that. Did I ask you to do it?"

They never be thankful or bless to have you who is willingly making sacrification for their benefits. They won't remember. People sometimes care sometimes don't sometimes they pretend like they don't know just to exclude themselves. You'll be the stupid one if you sacrificed for wrong people. Maybe you think it is right but think twice. Think further. Not at that moment but for a long term. Does your sacrification is worth? Not only to them but to yourself. Because your feeling is a priority not others.


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