Friday, September 3, 2010

tRy To UnDeRsTand Laa~

klaw aku ckp

"sorry xbleh jdk shopping partner tbaek...."

that's mean
i'm jealous with others that can be GREAT partner to u
and its NOT me

klaw aku ckp

"xpenat ke nk shopping tyme2 posa neyh..
..panas plak tue"

that's mean
i really care bout ur fitness
duk umah seharian pon bleh penat
inikan jalan bjam2

klaw aku ckp

"xtawu la mne satu yg cntik..
..tue la org da ckp org neyh bknnyer shoppng partner tbaek..."

that's mean
i'm really disappointed with myself
nk dipujuk ngan kata2

"xpe asalkan ader d sisi..
..tue pon da cukup"

klaw aku ckp

"da la..kne marah je dr td..
tgu luar je laa.."

that's mean
i dont want to disappointed u anymore 
dgn kekurgan yg ader kt aku
xpndai decide
xpndai pilih
xpndai bkata2

klaw aku ckp

"nk pe sbnarnyer neyh??"

that's mean
i really dont know what happened
bia la ungkit cmner pon
asalkan at the end
aku tawu problem tue

klaw aku ckp

"hurm..suke ati laa nk wt pe pon"

that's mean
if i know everything
i will hurt u more
tp jauh kt sudut ati aku
nk sgt amek tawu smuanyer

klaw aku ckp

"ungkit klaw dpt tawu masalah pe salahnyer"

that's mean
i know we will mad on each other again
tp once da tawu problem
we will know how to solve it 
isn't it a good way??

klaw smua tue aku yg ckp
tp org xphm
xguna gk
so what to do??


i maybe different
and yes!
that's the way i said
sbb tue bnyk org will get wrong ideas bout me
aku xsalahkn sape2

"...u said i'm UNIQUE
but if u not make use of that word
ofkos u'll get mad on me everytime..."

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