Thursday, December 16, 2010

ThE JoUrNeY End..BuT, ThE SToRy BeGiNs..

TAR 17 sudahpon berakhir
ngan sejarah tcipta
for being 1st ALL-FEMALE TEAM yg penah mng series US neyh
so, post kali neyh
aku just nk sertakn photo2 je la
sbgai recap kpd journey diorg
smpai bleh dpt title yg pling bmkna wt 2 org yg bgelar doctors neyh
sememangnyer diorg neyh da bg a lot of inspiration kt org2 luar sna
tmbh2 ngan khidupan Nat sbgai diabetics type I
cmner dia bleh manage schedule ngan ubat2an dia smbil racing
klaw nk taw bnyk psal tue
korg bleh la bca sndiri kt link yg aku srtakn kt bwh neyh
mcm2 behind the scenes yg kita xnmpk kt tv psal diorg neyh
mmg sgt2 hectic life diorg tyme race
even da check in kt pit stop pon
still diorg kne wt mcm2
igt bleh balek hotel tido tros ke
arap korg dpt la bca supaya korg taw susah rupanyer Amazing Race neyh
so, xpyhla dok brangan nk join klaw xcukup prepare

:: A Journey To Remember ::

Relationship :: Doctors

Leg 1 :: England (Finish - 2nd)

Task :: Balancing - To Get To The Eastnor Castle (Additional Task)

Leg 2 :: Ghana (Finish - 7th)

Task :: Endurance - Travel The Fantasy Coffin To The Shop (Detour)

Leg 3 :: Ghana (Finish - 8th)

Task :: Determination - Choose A Proverb With Eight Phrases (Detour)

Leg 4 :: Sweeden (Finish - 1st)

Task :: Accuracy - Race Down Mountain In Less Than 1min 58s Using Techsleds (Detour)

Leg 5 :: Norway (Finish - 1st)

Task :: Mentally - Finish An Entire Smalahove (Sheep Head) (Fastforward)

Leg 6 :: Russia (Finish - 4th)

Task :: Mentally - Searched One Out Of Several Hundred Filmstrips To Match The Film Playing (Detour)

Leg 7 :: Russia (Finish - 1st)

Task :: Creativeness - Learn 3 Russian Folk Songs (Detour)

Leg 8 :: Oman (Finish - 5th)

Task :: Determination - Deliver The Water Pumped From The Well To Assigned House (Detour)

Leg 9 :: Bangladesh (Finish - 3rd)

Task :: Physical - Pick Up 30 Tiriffin Carriers To Harbour (Detour)

Leg 10 :: Hong Kong (Finish - 1st)

Task :: Mentally - Searched Using Chopstick One Of Five Fake Foods (Roadblock)

Leg 11 :: South Korea (Finish - 3rd)

Task :: Accuracy - Searched Among 200 Soldiers For One That Wearing A Matching Headband (Roadblock)

Leg 12 :: Los Angeles (Finish - WINNER)

and now
they received their 'investment' of energy after all of those 

AmAZiNg RaCe...

1,000,000 US Dollars & Most Incredibly The 'FIRST ALL-FEMALE TEAM' Title

"congratz for wonderful & beautiful
adventure u girls shared with us!"

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