Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Recap Review Rating And Re-Run..Owh, I Addicted!

and the winner is....
Scotty Mccree...
i'm sorry
this year the winner is the person who was the last being eliminated
(big applause and scream from all of viewers and fans)

today is all about HER!
for more information 
just click this link

throughout her journey on Idol
she sang almost 24 songs (solo+duet)
not includes other group performances during result shows
so, this post is about to 
RECAP what she did on Idol
REVIEW most successful performances 
RATING all her top 13 till top 3 performances
RE-RUN all her performances on Youtube to make all her vids more viewers!

ok let's we begin!


 What she actually did on Idol?

Basically, what she did was only


What is the most successful performances to date she ever performed?

this is based on the judges comment on the show + viewers count on YouTube

#1 - Benny And The Jets - Top 11

been The BEST Performance Of The Night
receive about 1 million ++ viewers 
and she did sang this song again upon her elimination
this song by her own rendition has open million of viewers and voters outside there 
to realize her credibility on Idol after having couple of bottom three on result 
so, there is no other performances for this season
get to the same level of this rendition
either by only hers nor other top 13
full stop!

#2 - I Who Have Nothing - Top 4

received STANDING OVATION from the judges 
after toughest critiques EVER for the 1st song (Earth Song) 
wannabe 1 million viewers 
and her madness and unsatisfied feeling to the critiques
she did stand up and defense herself from being 'robbed'
this is definitely the most INCREDIBLE COMEBACK from Haley

#3 - Rolling In The Deep - Top 7

she got good enough feedback from the judges
but, receive 1 million ++ viewers before a month been released is such AMAZING
her BRAVENESS to sing a very popular current song 
from Grammy Award : Best New Artist : Adele
and try to make her own should be praise
even-though there is some controversial issues on YouTube
 about Haley vs Adele
and receive many viewers because of Adele's popular song
that should be not an excuse to stop Haley's career in this industry
because she really has FANS

among all of her other performances
these songs are absolutely in all of her fans' hearts

#4 - House Of Rising Sun

#5 - What Is And What Should Never Be

#6 - You And I

#7 - Rhiannon


based on my only views :
Amazing - 
Excellent - 
Great - 
Satisfactory - 
Poor - 
Bad - no star 

Top 13 : Blue - 

Top 12 :  I'm Your Baby Tonight - 

Top 11 : You've Really Got A Hold On Me - 

Top 10 : Benny And The Jets - 

Top 9 : Piece Of My Heart - 

Top 8 : Call Me - 

Top 7 : Rolling In The Deep - 

Top 6 : Beautiful - 

Top 5 : You And I - 
Top 5 : House Of The Rising Sun - 

Top 4 : Earth Song - 
Top 4 : I (Who Have Nothing) - 

Top 3 : What Is And What Should Never Be - 
Top 3 : Rhiannon - 
Top 3 : You Oughta Know - 


so, watch her performances on YouTube
and buy her iTunes to support her
that's all
chill yaa!

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