Sunday, July 25, 2010

ShOuld We Or ShOuld'nT We ??? U GuyS ArE sOo...

perang FB
tue la cara bdk2 zaman skrg
mnggunakan ilmu IT ngan b'lebeyhan
da gado2 xpuas ati masing2
bknnyer nk face-to-face
smuanyer lempar kt FB
ak pon tergolong dlm kalangan bdk2 tue

ak ngan alia UNINTENTIONALLY da kne prank
mksud kt cni
ak ngan alia xpatot ader pon dlm PLAN diorg
what the...(klaw diorg dpt pk cmtue skali)
ABBY is one of our beloved frenz
if she's in troubled
ofkos la kitorg nk amek taw

tmbh2 kul 2pagi cl
ckp dia ilang xbalek umah sejak maghrib
korg igt ak ngan alia xder ati n perasaan pe??!
mmgla x plan kitorg bdua get involved
just nk prank housemate dia je kan??
npe xinfom jer tros kt housemate2 dia

"aarrr...korg jgn cl spe2 taw..nnti jdk isu plak kes abby ilang neyh..
bia kita housemate jer taw sudaa & pk cmner nk settle probs neyh"

msalahnyer diorg housemate tue smuanyer our bloved frenz
yg penah satu ketika dlu kitorg gelar BFFLDH
dlm ati kitorg still ader korg w'pon kita not together anymore
xtaw la dlm ati korg
smpai sgup ckp

"u guys SHOULD'NT get involved"

klaw dlm ati korg still ader kitorg
ofkos korg xkan plan mende neyh
ngan harapan
hnya org2 yg ader dlm PLAN korg jer 
SHOULD get involved

so wht should we say now???
disturb ur PLAN??
our UNINTENTIONALLY involvement??
congratz 4
the PRANK???
tell us!!!

don't play with fire 
u'll get burnt
don't play with feelings
u'll get touched
don't play with others
u'll get KARMA

that's all i want to say
hope u guys pk pnjang sblom wt pape pon
mmg its ur way to hv fun
maybe kitorg xpenah hv fun cm cara korg
but prank also has its LIMIT
think twice 
or maybe 

we're grateful ABBY is fine
sbb smua neyh just a prank
so pasneyh
klaw jdk pape
korg nk infom kitorg

"maybe we SHOULD'NT get involve anymore"

p/s: kitorg xmarah+xbenci+xgeram ngan ABBY & THE GENG..we just marah+benci.+geram ngan diorgnyer prank yg xpk the problems outcome..smpai sgup wt isu neyh jdk prank kt tmpt2 cmnie..u guys r sOo BRAVE!


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