Friday, April 8, 2011

Alhamdulillah..That's All I Can Say..

hello there!
dah lama tak meng-updatekan blog aku yang serba oren nie
stress menghadapi exam
but today
i've already know my result
and i got 

terima kasih kepada yang tak henti-henti doakan kejayaan aku
ofkos ibunda tercinta
ayahanda dan keluarga
kekanda serta adinda sekalian
makcik dahlia aka ibunda alia
kawan-kawan seangkatan
semua yang mengenali diri ini
yang teramat sekali
the one and only 
who really knows everything about my journey here
and give fullest support every seconds
thanks darling! haha!

dush!kena tembak!haha!

Alhamdulillah jugak
all of my study groupmates 
amir,mirul and alia
got their 'gift' from Allah after about 10 months of struggles
dan tidak dilupakan jugak kepada hannon
anakku tersayang (not in our group study)
she's placed top among us
wow! incredible anakku!

congratz to all 94 students who make it
and another 23 students who didn't make it
don't give up
you still have second chance
use this chance to fullest ok?
we're supporting you guys all the way
hope to meet you guys very soon in second year

p/s :: now, i really now how difficult and stress is medic..sigh..another four years of struggles..

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