Saturday, February 26, 2011


hello peeps!
today, let me writing in english la plak kan..haaisshh! (terkeluar BM plak)


let me writing in english after all the posts before I wrote it in malay

the story is that
I was going out for a movie this afternoon (with alia of course)
about 2.20 pm
guess what?
that was a brilliant + very touching movie I've ever watched!
I don't really get the point why there's so many people 
gave bad rating to it
but hey!
that's actually 

so, out of 5
I give it 4.5 stars! 
~ clapping ~
(I'm a very nice critic)

the only reason I didn't give the other half star
is because the 
yeah, hell right!
that was only in A CAVE
but hell yeah too!
what SO ever?
I don't care as long as it come out with 

+ good-looking actors +
+ cool sound effects +
+ fascinating scenery +
+ smart shots +
+ adventurous stuff +

most importantly

+ smart storyline +

so, I suggest you guys out there
go and watch this movie
maybe you should bring your dad too
(to have the feeling..haha! mostly to male ok because they don't have feeling)
watch all the scenes 
don't miss any one of it
maybe you will learn something new like me

Go & Watch It Guys!

p/s :: my exam is just around the corner..but I still got time for movie? huh!


  1. cover movie nampak gempak....
    thanks for ur review =p
    rase mcm nk tgk.. (download) ngeh2...
    follow ur blog ^_^

  2. haha! tgok kat panggung la baru gempak~
    thanks too!


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