Thursday, April 16, 2015

Letting Go Move On : Day 10

"Thank God"

Looking back at the time you were in pain. You were like crazy and sick. And today you are not the same. Its like every starts has it ends. And you just reached the end line of your misery phase;

"Everything's going to be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end"

After letting all your feelings out, you feel much better. You learn many things throughout the process. You feel peace and calm inside. Yes, you probably not forgetting all those yet, but for the mean time, it's enough for you to function again. Human brain is so great. It can choose what to remember and what not. But it can also choose what to forget. And if you choose and try hard to forget, eventually you will.

How will you know that you are so moved on? Well, no more tears no more fears. No more nightmares no more hopes. And you actually feel less care towards them. It doesn't means you not concern anymore but it just like, you feel it's okay if they are far away. You seem fine if they don't treat you the way you wanted it to be. And you feel much much much better inside. No more panic attacks or anxiety or uneasiness of always wanting to know what are they doing right now - like a stalker. Yes you always wanted to know about their life, their routines and whatever happens on them like every seconds ticking. And now you're not. You could care less about their life but more on your life. Because what's more important is yourself. Thats the lesson you've learnt when you realized that you are already moved on.

P/S : I feel bless. All my entire nights have always been about you. Whether it's a nightmare or not, it always has you. And lately, you never come. Maybe I really move on I don't know, but I feel much better when you're not in my sleep and I really hope that it stays like this forever. Thank God.

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