Friday, April 17, 2015

Letting Go Move On : Day 11

"Why Creates Problem When All You Want To Do Is To Prevent Them"

We never settled. Sometimes we expect more to the people we put our hopes on. Even when we know the capabilites and the abilities of those people are not as much as what we wanted, we still hope for it. And you don't always get what you want. It's a matter of what you need is much more important. Because what you want is never ends. It keeps getting high and higher. You have someone you always dream for. You see them as perfect and you are so happy to be part of them. But the reality is, there is no such thing called perfect in this world. When you called them perfect, you see them as one, you actually create a problem that you never imagined of, expectation.

You expect them to do this, to do that. You started to be so judgemental about everything they do. You behave like you are a monitor, controller, dictator or anything you say, as if you want them to be as what you see perfect is. You get what I mean? And ironically, you're the one who started all the "perfect" thing and now you complaint everything about them being "perfect". You know why? Because your expectation is getting higher this time. Your expectation of them to be more than they could've been. You try to change them like they are not "perfect" anymore. Well actually, you're the one who need to change.

Why you want to expect so many things on them when you know that they can't or won't do as what you want them to do or be. Even they do, probably they do because of they are forced to. Why you want to force people who you love? Let them be as what they wanna be. Even it is a change for good, all you need is just advice not forcing. Because at the end of the day you'll realize that, your expectation is not gonna make you any good. It just going to hurt you more. So be grateful of what you have now. You don't know if one day, you'll lose them because of your expectation or not. If you love them as them before, accept all their flaws too. Flaws are not meant to be fixed but to be cared.

P/S : Subconsciously, I never know that I am one of the people who do this thing. And I've created a lot of problem because of my behaviour. I feel sorry to you. Yes I know, I always say you are perfect. Because you fullfilled my needs. I don't know that I've become so greedy inside to even change my needs to what I want. And that's where my expectations developed. I wish I can turn back time and make amend of all my wrongs on you. But I can't.

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