Sunday, April 12, 2015

Letting Go Move On : Day 5

"Calm Mind, Calm Heart, Calm Soul"

It's hard to love hard and when you do you'll fall hard too. Yes life is unfair. But it's your fault to think hard about that matter. Sometimes they are worth to remember and sometimes they don't. But both will make you hurt. And pain has it's own score. If people can choose their path, their fate, their future, they'll choose greatly. But reality is they don't know what future lies ahead of them. So they'll continue to live to the fullest at a time, thinking that the finish line is gonna be as strong as the start one.

So when the start is good, the middle is great, they'll hope to see the end to be excellent. It is an expectation. People live with expectation, vision and oath made by themselves. The truth is they can only pray. Pray for the best to happen in their lives so that they won't feel any regret or disappointed or resent or any bad feeling that causing them to be malfunction. Because people hate those feelings. People wants to be happy all the time eventhough they know they can't. So they expect the unexpected things to happen so hard and when it doesn't, they'll blame someone, something or even themselves. And when they do, their hearts won't feel calm.

The important thing in this life is to stay calm. Although you don't have health, wealth or status if you stay calm, your heart and mind will be at peace. It's your responsibility to make yourself calm so that you don't make harms. Harm to yourself of course.

P/S : I have to stop overthink, assuming and feel something that will not bring me myself benefits. I know by doing all that I'm going to be more hurt but I keep on doing it subconsciously. It's a lie to say I don't care but the truth is that I have to stay calm because if I care or concern too much, I'll be losing too much too.

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