Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Letting Go Move On : Day 2

"Heart is more generous than mind"

Mind plays role as a supporter and it's always been heart which decides everything. No matter how hard you have to handle the thing in your mind, you've tried to talk and chant and promise like almost everything in your mind, at the end of the day it's heart which get the chance to act it all.

And heart always been pure and innocent. Every moves which come from mind will make you regret those later, because your heart knows you don't wanna act like that. Your heart knows, you want something else, and you keep on saying in your mind that it's better to be like that eventhough it's not. After all "Heart knows what it wants".

It's been two days but it feels like forever. It's so difficult to continue living under such circumstances - when you had like everything in your life and suddenly it all disappeared. You are courage enough to do something that you don't wanna do for the rest of your life but you did. And when you did (due to all made up by mind of course), every seconds your heart will beats saying,

"This isn't feel right"

"You don't wanna do this"

"You'll regret it later"

"Please, change it, mend it!"

So, I don't think it's about courageous. I think it's about egoism. When you've been so generous of all your life and people starts stomping onto your head, uses you, bertrays but feels not guilty at all, then you know maybe your mind is right. Maybe your mind knows better. Maybe your mind wants the best so that you won't be hurted again and again and again. Maybe your mind knows that your heart is not capable to undergo another heartbreak. So this is when your mind becomes the leading role. And hopes to change you for the better or probably the best you can ever be beyond your imagination.

P/S : There's always a saying, "Everything be ready, if the mind be so", so when my mind is ready to accept all of these, no matter how hard I crushed, I'll stand strong again, with a polished and armored heart for sure.

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