Friday, April 10, 2015

Letting Go Move On : Day 4

"You don't always get everything as what you want. Face the fact and Try to learn!"

Overthinking can cause so much troubles. At some point of your life, you'll think that you are worthless living in this world. You'd lived without a purpose and thinking that what's the reason anymore. Just because you lose something it means everything. Just because you lose something that you are longing, keeping and struggling for all this while, you don't have anything to do if you stay alive.

It just a phase. A phase of learning process. You don't always get what you want - more precisely you don't always keep what God gifted you. Sometimes God just borrows it to you and take it back to teach you something. Something that beyond your thinking. He knows better than you are and you gotta believe in that. It's just a matter of time and the way you take on the task. Maybe you have to face it eventhough it's hurting. Every hello ends with a goodbye. But also every rain comes a rainbow. You have your ups and downs but you have to trust yourself that you are mattered to God if you keep on praying what's the best for yourself. You are never alone although you think you are. And God is the best planner and the best company.

So open your shielded heart. Try to accept people or things in and out. Try to learn more. Try to adapt and try to accept. Be grateful and blend in. Yes you hurt now and probably you have to fake a smile, but when you feel you are special enough, you'd think that you are worth living in this place called Earth. And when the time comes, you'll know why God plans all of these to be happen in your life - just to make you learn.

P/S : I may get a littte rush when it comes to know about something new. Rush in assuming, rush in making silly decision and rush in any action of wrongdoings, but I mend it - to the people that matters only. Well, I'm trying to learn to be more complete and sometimes I just can't handled myself well. But only God knows my strength and weakness and I don't have to try to explain or show everything to anyone just to make them satisfied - this is what I learn today, to not really get affected by people. Other people has their opinions which I don't necessarily need to explain everything because at the end of the day, they think what they wanna think and they say what they wanna say.

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